Big K.R.I.T. Rates The Bars & Hands Pimp C The Lowest Score In The Batch (Video)

Big K.R.I.T. is the latest rapper in the hot seat for “Rate The Bars.” More than most, Krizzle seems to be a generous rater (handing out almost exclusively 4’s and 5’s). Heads have long found this artist to be generous with his music, whether giving away acclaimed mixtapes and making sprawling double LPs in the era of the single. Notably, the creator of 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time (which Ambrosia For Heads readers voted as 2017’s best Rap album) hands out four perfect scores.

For those keeping track, the Meridian, Mississippi native hands a 5 to his own “King, Pt. 3,” a 2014 Lecrae “5 Fingers Of Death Freestyle” excerpt, Big Boi’s “Daddy Fat Sax,” and former Cinematic Entertainment label-mate Smoke DZA on “G.Otham F.*ckin C.Ity.” There is crew love there, as well as when K.R.I.T. hands out favorable ratings to collaborators like David Banner (“Who Want It”), Curren$y (“Success Is My Cologne”), and Scarface (“No Problem”).

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However, the Multi Alumni founder shows his objectivity. The late Pimp C is clearly one of K.R.I.T.’s biggest influences. He was a MC/producer double-threat from the same region, who injected Blues and non-traditional samples into his music about cars, women, and refusing to be inferior. Moreover, Chad Butler was gifted in talking slick on some verses, and being deeply prophetic and cuttingly honest in other places. K.R.I.T. is asked to measure a particularly salacious chunk from “Pregnant P*ssy,” one of the moments where Pimp C (and partner Bun B) were spitting some of the raunchiest rhymes, even by early Underground Kingz standards. K.R.I.T. hands the deep cut’s selection of bars a 2, while admitting that it sounds like it was written with passion. Notably, the rater says that he fears that he’s grading some of his associates. Plenty of times, Justin Scott has made his affinity for Chad Butler’s songwriting known.

Notably, Big K.R.I.T. is the musical director to Bun B’s upcoming solo album, reportedly titled Bernard:

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Last week, Krizzle released his video to “Big Bank,” featuring T.I. (another recent “Rate The Bars” guest).