Blu & Exile’s Video Imagines Their Playful Chemistry 20 Years Before “Below The Heavens”

Blu and Exile are back with heartfelt visuals to match the pensive rhymes and nostalgic sounds.

“Constellations” weaves a visual tapestry that explores the essence of youth and the knowledge of being star-born. The song is off of their recent album In The Beginning: Before The Heavens. The video takes viewers back to 1987 where a young Blu and Exile first discover their gifts for their combined chemistry in production and lyric writing. The visual follows them through a day of imaginative play and exploration which leads to the discovery of a time capsule from their future selves in 2007 (when Below The Heavens released). From action figures to dirty magazines, Rap posters and TV shows, the distinct influences of both artists are explored in the playful visual.

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In one of his verses, Blu raps, “I’m showin’ you an older Blu in hopes that you embrace it / Like a soldier do with gauges / Motor you through pages that I wrote for you / Laid it in the vocal booth / Press it up and sold it to the places that you go into.

The song features Gold Chain member Lyric Jones, who also appears on TV in the video. In The Beginning: Before The Heavens also features Aloe Blacc and Trek Life, among others.

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In another Exile-produced single, 2009’s “Life As A Shorty” by Fashawn, the throwback to childhood theme was employed in the video. However, present-day Fash’ appeared in that visual.