Logic Declares Himself A Rap Champion & He Takes A 44-Bar Victory Lap (Audio)

Life is too short to listen to bad music. So…let AFH fight through it for you and only supply you with that great stuff. Despite the reports, Hip-Hop is alive and well and, in many ways, is better than it’s ever been. Not only are we able to go back and listen to all of our favorites, at the click of a button, there is also a ton of great music still being made by artists, young and veteran alike…if you know where to look.

To help with that task, we’ve created two playlists. One features more recent music—songs that have been released within the last year or so—while the other is throwback, focused on the 1980s and ’90s. We update each of these playlists regularly, so, if you like what you hear, subscribe to follow us on Spotify.

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The latest track addition belongs to Logic. Following a massive 2017, complete with two Grammy nominations and his first Top 3 single. Both feats stemmed from an album deemed to be one of the year’s best by Ambrosia For Heads.  In the new years, Logic returns to basics, but wants all to know that he has stepped it up. “44 More” is a sequel to 2016’s Bobby Tarantino inclusion “44 Bars.” The track is about wordplay, cocky rhymes, and the commanding flow that the Def Jam Records MC waxed long before he was making household-name strides. Then and now, Bobby loves rapping and has fun with the craft.

This standalone track, Logic’s first of 2018, is also a status-update on just what Bobby has achieved. “Sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry / If that ain’t a sign of the times then I don’t know what is, man this sh*t is scary / ‘Cause b*tch, I’ve been blowin’ up like C-4 / And I’m 3-for-3, like a free throw / Anybody hatin’ on the boy, take a step back and then deep-throat / Now my phone blowin’ up like ring / Like ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring! / That Kevin Durant, I’m a champion / Check the numbers, I’m a champion / Can’t sleep on the boy anymore, but the haters that love to hate gon’ pop an Ambien / Star Lord, champion / Know the name, now they know the alias, that’s for sure Gave ’em 44 / Now here’s 44 more,” he spits at the song’s close. Logic has graduated to a new class, but he’s filled his yearbook with brag raps, deploying a variety of precise flows.

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In addition to new Nipsey, the playlist features recent music from Black Milk, Evidence, Nipsey Hussle, ScHoolboy Q, CZARFACE & MF DOOM, Rae Sremmurd, LG, Drake, Jericho Jackson, Skyzoo, PRhyme, and a host of others.