VERY Few People Can Rap With Method Man. Blimes Brixton Is 1 Of Them (Video)

Blimes Brixton is a versatile MC (and singer) from the heart of San Francisco, California. She has been putting in serious work throughout recent years, including a decorated Battle Rap career and some history with the region’s pioneer: Too Short. The daughter of a Blues musician and granddaughter of a Jazz player, Blimes Brixton has music in her blood. That inherent rhythm and artistic command shine in one of her biggest collaborations to date, “Hot Damn” with Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man.

Following Gifted Gab collabo’ video “Come Correct,” released late last month, this is another single from the upcoming Castles album. Over a retro-soulful bassline, Blimes Brixton kicks things off with a confident batch of bars about her persistence and passion for music. Playing into her sung chorus, Method Man rolls up his weed and then exhales a conversational and cocky bridge. Twenty-five years after Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Mr. Mef’ recalls his days of hunger pains, then raps about how he will forever be a “misguided, mischievous, misfit.” The star MC rides the beat like it was tailor made for his raspy delivery. This one is just one of Iron Lung’s many standout appearances in recent years.

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Entering the song’s wind-out, Blimes flips Meth’s bridge as her own. In the video, the MC from the Bay and the Shaolin swordsman take to the California streets in Brixton’s vintage Buick Electra drop-top. That tracking shot is cut in and out with some on-stage footage showing that this chemistry is anything but phoned (or emailed) in; this bond is organic.

“Hot Damn” is produced & Mixed by Lou Koo & Cambo. It released on Brixton’s Peach House record label.