Nipsey Hussle Rages Against The Machine With A Motivational Music Video

Since the release of his highly-anticipated Victory Lap last week, Nipsey Hussle has been living up to his moniker and then some. Fully immersed in the promotional swing of the well-received project, Nipsey’s concentrated media hustle has seen both his visual releases and recent radio/TV appearances being praised by Heads alike. Within in a three-day span, the Los Angeles MC swung through MTV’s TRL to perform “Last Time That I Checc’d,” and then immediately made two noteworthy appearances on both Funkmaster Flex’s HOT 97, and Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Along with the abundance of in-the-flesh momentum, Nipsey also introduced the video to one of the album’s standout tracks, “Hussle & Motivate,” which remarkably is the fourth set of visuals distributed from Victory Lap.

Shot in short-film fashion, “Hussle & Motivate” is a potent tale of Neighborhood Nip’ and his confidants vs. the system. In search of a quick Million to bail his compadre out of prison, Nipsey and his partners take to robbing an armored truck, and wage an all-out gun war with the authorities in the process. Leading the police on a subsequent chase, in a getaway driven by Lauren London, Nipsey confidently guides the patrol cars back to his neighborhood, where the home-court advantage is palpable.

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Ultimately flipping the script on one specific officer, who ends up outnumbered and locked in his own squad car, Nipsey and his entire crew spend the final verse taunting the confined deputy and celebrating their successful heist. With a familiar Nipsey conviction on full display, and the officer’s baton in hand, the Slauson Ave MC proclaims “F*ck living basic, I’m taking risks / F*ck what they sayin’, I’m sayin’ this / Don’t waste your time, it don’t make you rich / It don’t mean nothin’ so f*ck ‘em, let’s make a grip.

Although paired with a major label for the first time in his career, much like Nipsey’s journey in hip-hop to this point, the conclusion of “Hussle & Motivate” finds Nipsey succeeding in his efforts, bailing out his partner thanks to no one but him and his team’s unconventional methods.

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Nipsey’s hustle and ensuing motivation is seemingly at a career high, and if February is any indication, his proverbial victory lap is only on it’s initial 2018 orbit.