Ill Camille Is A Lyrical Soldier. She Fights On For Her Rap Dreams (Video)

Hip-Hop at its best does more than make you move; it makes you think. When a song shares one’s personal experience, listeners going through the same thing don’t feel so alone. And on the other hand, for others, it opens their eyes. Either way, this is the kind of powerful music Ill Camille creates.

Camille has been grinding in Los Angeles’ DIY scene for years, but it was her 2017 album Heirloom that finally started garnering her the audience and attention her soulful anecdotes deserve. Now, although many critics and taste-makers have sung her praises in the last couple of years, Camille is still new to many. Heirloom‘s “Fight On” is a laid-back track produced by Quamie Yae and features the highly slept-on Inglewood veteran Damani Nkosi (formerly of Snoop Dogg’s Dubb Union collective), along with the smooth vocal stylings of Preston Harris and JaVonte. There is an organic feel to the jazzy bass line, which makes sense because it is played on the upright by Aneesa Strings.

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The “slice-of-life” video directed by Rippy Austin consists of simple visuals that tour through Camille’s abode, downtown L.A., and a sun-soaked rose garden. The repeated imagery of white flowers seems to symbolize honesty, which this cut is full of. Even though this song is far from your typical “get the bag” track, we have got to mention that Damani is gripping on two fly leather joints in this vid’.

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Heirloom also features TDE’s SiR and Punch, plus Camp Lo and Georgia Anne Muldrow, among others.

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