Ron Beatty’s Video Pushes His Rap Plans From 2018 To Infinity

Hailing from New Bern, North Carolina by way of Atlanta, Georgia, Ron Beatty is an MC that has a raw, soulful sound and energy that he brings to his music; true to his southern roots like eating chicken out of a box, on a park bench. This is depicted all throughout the video with special attention paid to a Southern aesthetic and shout out to his hometown: “Two hours from Raleigh / Ask about me.” With the release of his latest video, Ron Beatty is well on the way to “riding this high” to “Infinity.”

Released on Family First Records, “Infinity” explores the daily highs and lows of a working artist; the drive, the glitz and the creation of space. Ron’s lyrics tell his story and remind of his bigger mission to make this happen for his community in addition to himself. “Infinity” follows his 2016 standalone single, “Please Don’t Leave.”

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Just over one month ago, Beatty released a 12-song playlist, V.S.O.P.:

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