Roxanne Shanté’s Biopic Trailer Shows A True Survivor In The Rap Game (Video)

In just over one month, Roxanne, Roxanne will be available to the public via Netflix. On March 23, the film produced by Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker will tell the story of MC Roxanne Shanté. The first Rap star of Marley Marl and DJ Mr. Magic’s Juice Crew (according to Big Daddy Kane), Roxanne would be one of the first MCs to show the power of battle raps in raising an artist’s profile. As a teenager, she took on U.T.F.O., and later, The Real Roxanne and Boogie Down Productions in a series of battles that would shape Hip-Hop history.

In Netflix’s Roxanne, Roxanne trailer, Heads get a glimpse of Shanté’s life beyond the bars. The Queens, New Yorker suffered difficulties at home, abuse in her romantic relationships, and was subject to sexism (on record and the streets) long before she was a legal adult. For an artist who helped names like Marley Marl, Biz Markie, and others gain recognition, Roxanne Shanté waited years to release an album. Now, ahead of any of her Juice Crew band-mates, her story is being told, shedding light on the courage, talent, and survival skills of Shanté Gooding.

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Starring Chanté Adams as the title character, the trailer also shows Mahershala Ali playing “Cross,” and Nia Long as “Peggy Gooden,” Shanté’s mother. Additionally, Beastie Boys member Ad-Rock (aka Adam Horovitz) will act in the film covering one of his Rap peers.

The Michael Larnell-written and directed film is also produced by Yang Bongiovi of Fruitvale Station, Dope, and Sorry to Bother You, as well as veteran music journalist Mimi Valdes.

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Last month, Roxanne Shanté rapped alongside The Roots (including a Questlove beat-box rendition of “The Def Fresh Crew”) during their week-long jam session event at Gramercy Theater.

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This video explores the impact and challenges that Roxanne Shanté faced as a female MC in the 1980s.