Skyzoo’s New Album May Be The Crown Jewel In His Catalog (Audio)

Brooklyn, New York veteran Skyzoo has self-released In Celebration Of Us. With “Baker’s Dozen” (an homage to D’Angelo’s “Devil’s Pie”) making great headway, “Crown Holder” is the perfect follow-up punch.

Like the Apollo Brown-produced first single, this track is laced by a past full-LP collaborator. This time it is !llmind (who is also attached to this month’s Black Panther soundtrack). Honoring some seminal New York City House (SoHo’s “Hot Music”), this piano loop will also be familiar to fans of Canadian MC veteran, k-os. In this case, the New Jersey native producer arranges his concoction a bit differently, adding different drums and adjusting the pitch. The result is the perfect canvas for S-K-Y to rap about reaching new plateaus, without deviating from a formula that clearly works. The Barrel Brothers member is who he has always been, but he’s just even better at it. The MC owns his status with pride.

Skyzoo & Raheem DeVaughn Serve D’Angelo’s Devil’s Pie With Their Own Recipe (Audio)

In Celebration Of Us is the latest in a discography that includes Top 200 appearances, work with heralded producers and major features, plus various tenures with Jamla Records, Duck Down, and Mello Music Group.

The full In Celebration Of Us tracklist, which includes multiple !llmind tracks:

1. Everybody’s Fine (Produced by Arte Mitchell)
2. Sound Like… (Produced by !llmind)
3. Baker’s Dozen f. Raheem Devaughn (Produced by Apollo Brown)
4. Crown Holder (Produced by !llmind)
5. Heirlooms & Accessories (Produced by Tuamie)
6. Forever In A Day (Produced by Marc Nfinit)
7. Remembering The Rest (Interlude) f. WordsNCurves (Produced by Skyzoo)
8. The Purpose f. Kay Cola (Produced by !llmind)
9. Love is Love (Produced by Cardiak)
10. Black Sambo (Produced by !llmind)
11. Parks & Recreation f. Saba Abraha (Produced by !llmind)
12. Collateral f. Jake&Papa (Produced by Marc Nfinit)
13. The Stick-Up Tape From “Menace” (Produced by Ave. Prod)
14. Hoodie SZN (Produced by Marc Nfinit)
15. Honor Amongst Thieves (Produced by Serge Monstracity)