Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Consequence Explain Why ATCQ Was Angry About The Grammys (Video)

To most, the 2018 Grammys represented a strong field of what Hip-Hop music had to offer in the previous year, but many believed that a few were snubbed in the nominees for Best Rap Album. The decision not to select A Tribe Called Quest was a particular sore spot for those who believed the iconic group’s last ever album deserved consideration. Their 2016 LP We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service, the last to feature vocal from the late Phife Dawg, was among the field of albums eligible for the distinction.

When the nominations were released, Q-Tip made his feelings known publicly and took to Instagram to lambast the Recording Academy for excluding ATCQ from all nominations, particularly given that the group had performed at the 2017 show and made an album that received critical acclaim. “Y’all fuckin busted y’all ass to try and get us out there and perform!” he said in a selfie video on the social media platform. “You think a n***a wanted to f*ckin’ go out there and perform after I lost my man? We closed y’all show and we don’t get no fucking nominations? The last Tribe album? My man is gone! We been doing this sh*t for f*cking years!”

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Tip was not the only one in the group with those sentiments. Ali Shaheed Muhammad and frequent Tribe contributor Consequence appeared on Sway’s Universe this morning (March 13) and reflected on not being nominated for a Grammy. Sway began the conversation by playing a sound bite legendary songwriter and producer Jimmy Jam made about why he believed A Tribe Called Quest was not nominated for a Grammy, primarily citing that the competition they were going up against had them on the outside looking in. Ali Shaheed, respectfully, disagreed.

“I respect [Jimmy Jam] so much for what he’s done for music but to default to say that the group performed and that should be your consolation prize I think is very disrespectful to the art you put forward.” Echoing his comments, Consequence added “I respect the OG, but lets put this into perspective – Malik Phife Dawg Mutty Ranks Don Juice Taylor – that was his last effort on Earth. I want you to understand the magnitude of that. It’s easy for someone to minimalize something, and I don’t take it as I don’t like him for saying that, but it’s easy to minimalize and categorize.”

“That’s the same reason why Craig Mack is just now getting his roses,” he continued. “What happens so many times with Black people is that we come up with notions why other brothers and sisters shouldn’t be celebrated. Ain’t no notion for that sh*t, they f*cked up. Anybody come back 18 years after a hiatus and perform the year before – naturally, you’d assume, ‘Aye, I should have something on my mantle in 12 months.'”

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It might’ve been surprising for fans to discover that Q-Tip had such anger toward the Recording Academy for not recognizing his group, but the seeds of that anger were perhaps revealed by Ali, who says a Grammy was on the legendary producer’s mind before A Tribe Called Quest even went on their 2017 tour.

“We can appreciate Jimmy Jam trying to provide an insider’s view, but it’s jaded,” he explained. “It’s so funny because I remember when we were rehearsing for the tour and [Q-Tip] asked me, he’s probably going to be upset that I’m sharing this story, but just to put it in context, he said, ‘What do you think about us getting a Grammy?’ And I looked at him like, ‘I’m shocked to even hear those words come out of your mouth.’ And I’m looking at him ’cause he doesn’t talk about Grammys and for him to ask me like, ‘Wow, you’re serious?’ There’s a lot that comes with getting that Grammy nod. It’s political. Just leave it at that. And he told me right then and there, ‘You not going to have a problem with it?’ [I’m like], ‘Yo, it’s just political.’ He said, ‘Well, I’m going to have a problem with it.'”

The five albums that were nominated by the Grammy committee included Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., Tyler, the Creator’s Flower Boy, Migos’ Culture, Rapsody’s Laila’s Wisdom, and Jay-Z’s 4:44. Kendrick ended up taking home the award with little surprise from anyone.

Earlier today, A Tribe Called Quest also dropped the trailer for their forthcoming “last video ever” for the song “The Space Program” from their final album. The release date for the full visual, which will premiere on Apple Music, has not been disclosed.