Craig G Returns To Battle Rap & He’s Ready To Juice The Competition

Much like many aspects of Hip-Hop, Battle Rap today looks (and sounds) a lot different than it did when it originated. With the help of some of the pioneers, like MC Craig G, Heads may get new glimpses at its past glory.

The documented freestyle master and Juice Crew member will return to Battle Rap on March 31 during “No Coast Raps’ Road Trip 3.” He will be competing against top-rated Florida rapper, Jonny Storm. The head-to-head clash will be melding the new and old not only through the participants, but in the executed style as well. Today’s Battle Rap format allows written verses delivered a capella, but in this headlining battle, both MCs will freestyle off-the-top. This was a calculated move by the event’s promoter, Pompey, as told to HipHopDX.

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“I want to bridge the gap between modern Battle Rap and its roots by putting one of the most renowned freestylers of all time against one of the best from this era.”

Craig G may be best known for his verse in Marley Marl’s song, “The Symphony,” but the Queens, New York MC’s series of battles against another freestyle legend, Supernatural, are crucial to his competitive legacy.

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Although over 24 years have passed since that first Supernat’ battle, Craig G’s voice remains strong. In the last few years, the Queensbridge MC has popped up randomly, including on Kool Keith’s 2016 track “MC Voltron,” and Koss’s nod from last year, “H.E.R.”

In February, he dropped a solo single, “#IDOMe” which offers the steady cadence he’s perfected after all these years.

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In 2016, Craig dropped the bluntly-titled, I Rap And Go Home on Soulspazm.