Heather B. Told The Rap Game To Put Down The Guns Decades Ago (Video)

In light of the gun violence that has plagued our nation and culture, Ambrosia For Heads is in the midst of a pledge to not play any music that glorifies gun violence for one week (beginning the past Monday, March 5). Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day, and in the spirit, we remember Heather B’s hit that touches on both of those points, in a major way.

The Boogie Down Productions affiliate and MTV Real World alum released “All Glocks Down” in 1995 as a single on her debut album, Takin Mine. The track became a milestone of her career and an anthem against gun violence during a time when Rap music was glorifying it in both the mainstream and underground.

Hip-Hop Needs To Take A Stand On Gun Violence. We’ll Go First.

As any solid MC does, Heather B’s laces her famed track with levels of lyricism. She talks down the use of guns while talking herself up with B-girl bravado. Rather than just preaching against the use of gun violence, the New Jersey MC equates it as a weakness and advises all to put down the glocks and pick up a joint instead.

Beyond the hard-nosed lyricism and message, the Boogie Down Productions’ Kenny Parker (KRS-One’s young brother to boot) produced track plays with The Stylistics’ “People Make The World Go Round,” and boasts one of the funkiest basslines of that iconic period. The 1995 Capitol Records 12″ also involves Black Moon’s “How Many MC’s.” Evil Dee and Da Beatminerz, responsible for that ’93 cut, also worked on Takin Mine, as did M.O.P.

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Heather B. is still speaking loud and proud today as a co-host on Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning, as well as hosting her solo show, Happy Hour With Heather B. A cameo on Luke Cage’s first season solidified her continued relevance in both Hip-Hop and modern-day pop culture.

Even if Big Pun didn’t want to hear it, as as later rapped, the world needs to take heed to Heather B’s wisdom from 23 years ago. A powerful female in Hip-Hop dared to tell us all men and women what to do with authority, and all should have listened.

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Heather would go on to wait six years to release a follow-up album, 2002’s Eternal Affairs. She also appeared on albums by Da Beatminerz, Black Moon, and former Beastie Boys’ mix-master, DJ Hurricane.