Ladybug Mecca, Prince Paul & Don Newkirk Bring The Warm Sounds Of Brazil To Brooklyn (Video)

BROOKZILL!, the quartet made up of Digable Planets’ Ladybug Mecca, legendary producer Prince Paul, keyboardist Don Newkirk, and Brazilian MC Rodrigo Brandão, is a globally-minded outfit. Nearly two years after their album releases, this exciting group is still spinning its powerful messages.

Their 2016 effort Throwback To The Future bridged a connection between Brooklyn and Brazil, sonically flowing through hints of Samba percussion, Funk grooves, Hip-Hop sensibilities and Afro-Brazilian instrumentation. Although Brazilian samples and ideas are not new to Hip-Hop, BROOKZILL! manages to convey a more direct message, thanks to Brazilian native Rodrigo Brandão, and the sunny tropicalia production by Prince Paul and Don Newkirk. It’s that vibe that scorches listeners with the fiery sun and sweaty grooves – perhaps what most of the nation is yearning for during this cold season, with much of the East Coast hit with over the weekend. Thankfully, today (March 5) the group has decided to drop a colorful new visual for the album’s first track, “Macumba 3000,” which will hopefully bring some warmth for this week’s east coast chills. The video premieres at Ambrosia For Heads:

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The visual shows the BROOKZILL! crew grooving through blasts of horns and bright, smooth percussion in front of a red backdrop that recalls the feeling of Brazil’s sun-drenched climate. Through shades of greenery, Brandão and Mecca deliver verses that are tinged with Earth-vibes, celebrating the spirituality of “Macumba” (a type of religious practice in Brazil). The group can also be seen sporting modern Afro-Brazilian garments, channeling ’60s tropicalia vibes from Brazil. From all over the globe, music is BROOKZILL’s religion.

Rodrigo tells AFH that the art of the late Rogerio Duarte is an inspiration to this video, plus some deep Candomblé references (another type of Brazilian religion). This is a recurring theme of the LP and the visuals. He added that the group is gearing up for a second tour.

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Throwback To The Future released on Tommy Boy, showcasing just how the spirituality and the bridge between Hip-Hop and Brazilian music can be connected, centered and explored. Featuring Del The Funky Homosapien, Count Bass D, Brian Jackson, and others, the whole album is warm vibes, and world travels without a passport.