Phonte’s Second Solo LP Is Finally Here & It’s All Good News

Nearly seven years after the release of Phonte’s last solo LP, Charity Starts at Home, Hip-Hop fans can rejoice: New Tigallo! New Tigallo! New Tigallo! Earlier today (March 1), the rapper and singer alerted Heads to what is actually great news. No News Is Good News, the much anticipated solo album he’s been promising for years, arrived at midnight on March 2.

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Accompanied by what appeared to be the album’s official artwork, Phonte’s Instagram announcement was followed swiftly with the track listing. Freddie Giibs and Phonte’s Tigallerro cohort Eric Roberson are the only features on the ten-track Foreign Exchange Music release, the imprint responsible for FE material as well as records from Nicolay and Zo!. Back in February 2016, he announced No News Is Good News would arrive in September of that year, lending a bit of irony to the album’s title when considering 16 months have passed since that projected release date. But the delay is no surprise, considering Phonte Coleman is arguably one of the hardest working men in the biz.

Beyond his role as a label head, Tigallo has been busy recording material with others and working in television. Through his work with Vh1’s film The Breaks, he was able to add actor and ghostwriter to his CV, which already lists him as one half of legendary North Carolina duo Little Brother (The Listening just celebrated its 15th anniversary). He’s also been putting in work as a podcast host, joining Questlove on his Pandora program.