Kemba Seeks Salvation During A Trying Time In America (Video)

Some may know Kemba as the artist that shut it down with an acappella after Kendrick Lamar pulled him onstage in the Bronx two years ago. Others may remember the MC from albums including You’re Welcome (2010), Fall FWD (2011), and GNK (2013) released under his previous moniker “YC The Cynic.” After undergoing a personal and artistic evolution; the co-founding member of the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective released Negus in June of 2016 as Kemba. On the album, the Bronx, New York native weaves his signature meticulously vivid lyricism with carefully orchestrated sounds to detail a firsthand experience.

“Hallelujah,” a track off of Negus, deals with the feels and reality of survival in America while reintroducing the concept of salvation. He raps, “A lot of souls are going missing / A lot of goals get lost in prison / A lot of cold in this description / You out of focus, get the picture? / And even after all my logic and my theories / I gotta say ‘my ni**a’ so my ni**as feel me.

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The scene with an American flag on the wall of a ‘bando, that reads 100% cotton Made in China, begs the viewer to look deeper for more hidden keys throughout the video. “Hallelujah” was directed by Diego Cruz and presented by We Are The Culture Creators.

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer.

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