Roc Marciano & Action Bronson Show Hip-Hop Can Be Grimy & Soulful At The Same Time (Video)

Roc Marciano has piloted a unique lane in Rap. Since his solo debut, Marcberg, in 2010, each consecutive project seems to be more anticipated than the last. With Rosebudd’s Revenge last year, the Hempstead, Long Island MC/producer’s buzz reached a new pinnacle in the eyes (and ears) of many. So, he decided to follow up that lauded effort with a second installment. Much like its predecessor, the foundation of RR2: The Bitter Dose is Marci’s sophisticated hustler raps and velvety beats. With only two lyrical guests and three producers contributing, the self-released LP is a concentrated hit of Roc.

Self-contained behind the boards and on the mic, Roc directs his new album’s first video, “The Sauce/Corniche.” These tracks seem chosen to contrast each other as “The Sauce” finds the former Flipmode Squad artist going hard over one of his most experimental beats yet, and then “Corniche” is a smoothed out joint with Marci’ and Action Bronson doing exactly as they do so well. Roc raps in short, descriptive bars: “Wrap the brick up like it’s Mumm-Ra / Plot to fly ya’ knot / Conspire, then run it by my young guy / In a Hyundai.” Meanwhile, Action gregariously brags that Jesus wears a Bronson piece around his neck. This is the kind of formula that made both MCs part of a New York Rap renaissance at the top of the decade. They have not wavered, only diversified.

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Most of the footage in “The Sauce” half of the video is Roc rapping in front of an aerial photograph of New York, but he also cuts in clips that match his rhymes. Then, in the “Corniche” portion, Marciano and Bam Bam max at a basketball court late night, and then what appears to be Bronson’s kitchen.

While simple, the visuals exude authenticity.