Sean Price Would Have Turned 46 On Saturday. Celebrate P!’s Life With New Music (Video)

Three days ago, Sean Price dropped his long-awaited EP with friend and frequent collaborator Illa Ghee, in celebration of what would’ve been the late MC’s 46th birthday (March 17). Solidifying his legacy as one of Hip-Hop’s most hardened wordsmiths, and once again proving that not even death can stop his “unbreakable flow” or “adamantium bars,” the aptly titled Metal Detectors is P’s third posthumous project to date. It follows last year’s highly acclaimed Imperius Rex (one of Ambrosia For Heads’ picks for best of 2017), as well as a long list of guest spots on some of the year’s other top albums. Between memorable features on Wu-Tang’s The Saga Continues and Kool G Rap’s Return Of The Don to Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs’ Gems From The Equinox and Statik Selektah’s 8, P’s presence in the Rap game has been so strong as of late that it almost feels like he never left.

Sean’s career-long label Duck Down Music showed that it doesn’t plan to slow down his postmortem takeover in 2018 by dropping the EP’s lighthearted, yet touching video for “The Bryan Song.” In it, Illa as well as Rim of Da Villins (who delivers the track’s hook) hit the streets to search for their lost homie after his widowed wife Bernadette claims to have seen him. The three are among the departed rapper’s friends and family that converge in front of the Meres One-painted tribute mural on Bergen Street and Kingston Avenue in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. While they certainly represent for their lost companion, Sean lives on through the art he inspired and, of course, his ironclad lyricism.

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Besides Rim, Metal Detectors also features Queens, New York veteran Royal Flush, as well as an intro by actor and outspoken Sean Price fan Michael Rapaport.

#BonusBeat: AFH‘s “Now You See Me” version of Sean Price’s “Clans & Cliks” featuring Meth’, Rae’, Deck, Rock, Tek, General Steele, and Foul Monday:

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