Bumpy Knuckles & Snoop Are Proud To Be O.G.s & Share Their Wisdom (Audio)

With over 50 years in the Rap game combined, Snoop Dogg and Bumpy Knuckles (aka Freddie Foxxx) have immense credibility. They are two MCs who have navigated several eras of Hip-Hop’s evolution. Each can spit hard rhymes that chin-check opponents and they both have reputations for offering righteousness. It all depends on the mood or the beat. Both rappers have a new collaboration song produced by Knuckles, appropriately titled “Drop A Jewel On’m.” The track releases to promote Bump’s PoPDuKe album.

While this song is not featured on the upcoming Nottz-produced LP, it does bring some anticipation for what will come next from the New York City native. “Drop A Jewel On’m” is stellar with its mid-tempo West Coast-oriented Funk and punchy drums. The song swings between Snoop’s sleek, conversational style and Knuckles’ direct and raspy delivery. It also demonstrates Long Beach to Long Island O.G. chemistry.

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Snoopy shines as he sets off the track by acknowledging his mic partner and the song’s premise: “Hey Bumpy Knuckles, bump you nephews ’cause your uncle is back / See, you’re a beast from the East, so let me f*ck up this track / Put on The Mack on DVD ’cause I’m an old school G / Slo-mo like KoKo B, multi leaves / I generate electricity, there will be no dissin’ me / I’m what is known as the epiphany / I’m double-dutchin’ over dope beats like this /Dippin’ ya deep in the depths of abyss.

After Snoop, Bump steps up with his take to balance his own gruff delivery and somewhat match The Doggfather’s smoothness: “Son up, teach ’em true so when they rise, they shine / Ain’t no coonin’ in my clique, my ni**a, wine is fine / Write a book about my life, one day I’ll find the time / Too busy living what I’m spitting inside my rhyme / See the forest and the jungle, either one I survive / ‘Cause I’m a fox, eagle, hyena, gorilla, combined.

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PoPDuKe is due for release in the next month.