The Coup’s Boots Riley’s Debut Film Looks Like It May Be 2018’s Breakout Movie (Video)

For 25 years, Boots Riley has injected satire into his social, political, and racial commentary into the music of The Coup. In a celebrated catalog, songs like “5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO,” “Fat Cats Bigga Fish,” and “Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ’79 Grenada Last Night” reached audiences far and wide with a balance of hard truths interwoven with lighthearted imagery.

During a challenging period for the Oakland, California Hip-Hop group following the late 2017 death of DJ Pam The Funkstress, Boots is now delivering his brand of edu-tainment to film. Riley has written and directed 2018’s Sorry To Bother You, his debut film. The MC, author, and activist brought some Hollywood heavyweights with him, too.

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Sorry To Bother You takes its name from The Coup’s 2012 LP. The film, fresh off of showcasing at January’s Sundance Festival in Utah, will reach nationwide audiences on July 6. The Annapurna Pictures release stars Lakeith Stanfield, who made a comedic appearance at last week’s Academy Awards, spoofing his Get Out “Logan King” character. The Atlanta cast member stars alongside veteran Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, The Color Purple), Tessa Thompson (For Colored Girls, Selma, Creed), and Armie Hammer (Call Me By Your Name). Terry Crews and Omari Hardwick also appear.

As portrayed in the just-released two-and-half-minute trailer, Stanfield’s character of “Cassius Green” is dealing with financial woes that affect his living arrangements and car. Working in a telemarketing call center, “Green” learns from Glover’s character of “Langston” that trying to imitate a white speaking-voice yields better results. Notably, Steve Buschemi (Reservoir Dogs, The Sopranos) lends his voice to Danny Glover’s character, while David Cross (Arrested Development) provides the emulated vocal for “Cassius.”

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Last year, Boots released single “Hit Or Miss” with Libretto.