Brand Nubian’s Unsung Tells The Group’s Story In Full. Slow Down & Watch (Video)

Brand Nubian is one of the most influential Hip-Hop groups. In the eyes of many, they are also heavily underrated. Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, Sadat X, and DJ Alamo introduced a sound, style, and consciousness that became a formula for a new breed of Heads in the 1990s. Further, this crew predates many squads that are credited with popularizing a similar flavor and appeal.

The latest episode of TV One’s Unsung puts the spotlight on Brand Nubian. In just under 45 minutes, viewers are taken on a roller coaster ride that spans from the late-1980s until now. The documentary taps industry insiders, childhood friends, and relatives to tell the story of these New Rochelle, New York trailblazers. Sway, label exec Dante Ross, of dead prez, Cee Knowledge (fka Doodlebug) of Digable Planets, and Ralph McDaniels are just a few of the personalities that share their memories and impressions. However, the most revealing tidbits come from the members of the group themselves. For example, while Hip-Hop completists will know Puba started with a group called Masters Of Ceremony, a much less known fact is that Jamar was initially a DJ who led an act known as KD & The Ever-Lovin’ 3. Even the group’s second DJ, Sincere, makes his presence felt in the back half of the episode.

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The candid anecdotes fill fans in on the behind-the-scenes forces that shaped these artists and their careers. After learning about the events that led to this group coming together, viewers will understand why it made sense for each of the MCs to eventually put out solo material—including Puba’s mid-’90s exit.

Some other highlights include a section about how Puba had an often under-stated hand in urban fashion (around the 24:40 mark), a section on Datty X’s True Wine Connoisseurs web series, and an introduction to Grand Puba’s son who also raps, Stunna Gang.

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Although their story has its turmoil, the original four Brand Nu’ members remain friends and still perform together to this day.