Capone-N-Noreaga Join Forces With Cormega To Rule A Track Like Queens Kings (Audio)

It’s been four years since Cormega released an album. Still, the Queens, New York representative has stayed busy releasing books, a la carte singles, and maintaining his ironclad reputation for feature work. 2014’s Large Professor-produced Mega Philosophy is an album that offered plenty to sustain fans of introspection and cultural commentary from the MC. On social media, Cory has suggested that he has new material adding to his respected independent discography.

Heads may now have a taste. Violator All-Star DJs dropped the needle on an untitled collaboration between Cormega and longtime affiliates Capone-N-Noreaga. These three MCs worked together on “Da Bridge 2001” 18 years ago on Nas’ Queensbridge compilation. Four years ago, they followed up that chemistry on “Rap Rushmore.” On the Streetrunner-produced (Lil Wayne, The Game, Terror Squad) cut, Cormega challenges fans to name the song for him. Although it’s a radio rip (endorsed by Cormega and his team), the quality is there.

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N.O.R.E. kicks things off with a brolic verse that brings the Miami-based veteran back to his Q-U roots. Capone slides in next, with his distinct voice sliding into the soulful beat’s pocket. Mega plays masterful clean-up: “Listen, I give it how I live it / Poetically authentic in my epic composition / Of vivid reflections and provide for my children / Affect lives of listeners, respect my realism / It’s a rare quality / That’s why the real acknowledge me / Others be in they feelings like that sh*t bother me,” spits the decorated vet.

Hit Cormega on any social media channel with ideas on what this royal Queens collaboration ought to be named.