Joey Bada$$ & The Flatbush ZOMBiES Show Brooklyn Is STILL In The House (Audio)

In 2017, The Flatbush ZOMBiES seemed relatively quiet. Other than a couple of appearances on A$AP Mob projects, these eccentric Brooklyn spitters seemed to be laying deliberately low. Well, fans should have known that they were just locked up in the lab concocting a sophomore worthy of their debut, 3001: A Laced Odyssey, which garnered acclaim across the board when it dropped in 2016. However, longtime supporters will know that this trio has steadily released quality music since the summer of 2012.

At the end of February, the ZOMBiES surprised listeners with the first single, “U&I,” from their just-released Vacation In Hell album. Second single “Vacation” features a guest spot from regular collaborator and Pro Era captain, Joey Bada$$. On a side note, hints linger that the “Beast Coast” super crew that consists of the ZOMBiES, Pro Era, and The Underachievers will finally drop a full-length project, after touring in the past.

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On “Vacation” in-house producer Erick Arc Elliot and Tyler Dopps utilize some trappy drums and synths to create a beat that is more than the sum of its parts. There’s an electricity in the air on this one as all four MCs kick flows to complement the energy. Elliot starts it off with a Trap cadence, Zombie Juice comes in with some harmonizing on the hook, Joey keeps it calm, and then Meechy Darko shuts it down with a dope verse that he basically growls out.

Bada$$’ whole stanza is quotable but the highlight couplet goes: “I ain’t in a rush, that’s just my adrenaline flowin’ / I drop the top just so they can see the melanin’ glowin’.” It would be criminal not to share some of Darko’s comedic-yet-reckless bars: “Got a blade on my tongue, dirty nine on my side / Ratchet from overseas, mail order bride / I’m the sh*t like my mama gave birth out her assh*le / Ammunition wrapped around my body like Rambo / Shout out to my main chick, side chick, and mistress, same sh*t / Love you girl, just handle your business.”

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Like the chorus says, these MCs have taken it to space and back, and now they live every day like it’s a vacay’.