Who Is The Greatest Hip-Hop Group Of All Time? YOU Decide.

On Monday (April 9), Ambrosia For Heads will launch the fourth installment of our “Finding the GOAT” competition series. It began in 2014, when we asked you, the readers, to vote for the greatest MC of all time. The tournament-style contest shifted focus to greatest Hip-Hop album of all time in 2015-2016 and determined Rap’s greatest producer of all time one year ago. With each contest, AFH received an overwhelming number of votes. In 2018, we are bringing you “Finding the GOAT Group.”

“Finding the GOAT Group” will feature Hip-Hop’s greatest collectives vying for the #1 spot. Sixty-two groups have been pre-selected by a panel of experts, and two slots will be reserved for wild-card entries, (including the possibility for write-in candidates), to ensure no deserving squad is neglected. The contest will consist of 7 rounds, NCAA basketball tournament style, commencing with the top 64, the advancing 32, then the Sweet 16 and so on, until one winner is determined. For each battle, two Hip-Hop groups will be pitted against one another to determine which one advances to the next round. These groups will be seeded, based on the research conducted in the pre-selection, to ensure that higher-regarded acts (for example, Wu-Tang Clan and OutKast) do not face off prematurely.

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Similar to “Finding the GOAT Album” and “Finding the GOAT Producer” in the past, for each battle there will be editorial about each group that contextualizes the matchup, as well as sample songs, to help voters in their balloting. There also will be a poll in which votes will be cast, and readers will be able to see the % differential in votes, real-time. Though there also will be an enormous amount of debate in comments, on social media, in barbershops and text messages, which we encourage, only votes cast in the official ballot will count. In prior “Finding the GOAT” battles, just a handful of votes often decided the results, in early and late rounds. So while we want everybody to talk about it, be about it too, with the vote that counts.

Once the initial 62 groups in Round 1 have faced off against another clique, the wild card pool will take place. One winner will be selected from the wild card pool to join the 31 in Round 2. Voting will continue over the next 6 rounds, until the final Hip-Hop group is left standing.

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As with the other Finding The GOAT competitions, this is done with the utmost respect to all of the great Hip-Hop groups throughout the years. It is intended to be both a celebration of them and an opportunity for fans of the culture to engage in a great debate. With that, circle April 9 on your calendars and let the games begin.

#BonusBeat: AFH‘s Finding The GOAT: MC video features:

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