The Internet Rolls Out Some New Funk That Skates Back In Time (Video)

The Internet has proven to be capable of channeling many styles, moods, and eras. Soul, House, Jazz, and of course Funk have been along for the ride in the musical journey of Syd, Steve Lacy, and Matt Martians and the rest of the band. The Odd Future family show the strength in their branches with new video single, “Roll (Burbank Funk).”

The track is a call-back to the Dance-Funk at the turn of the ’70s and ’80s. Records like Slave’s “Just A Touch Of Love,” Gaz’s “Sing Sing,” and Fonda Rae’s “Over Like A Fat Rat” kept the party bouncing (and sometimes skating) through strong interplay between crisp drums and rubber-band bass-playing. It is that world which “Roll” vacations to. However, The Internet finds its pocket, and proceeds as a late ’80s or early ’90s House DJ might drop in the vocals. Those simple but effective lines are used with care, and the motion of the drums never stops. The record packs sage wisdom: “Listen to your heart / What’s it saying?” the pulsating vocal from Lacy asks.

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The video is a dreamy performance sequence. It shows The Internet at work, executing the craft of music as students of past eras. They play as sincere, without being too stylized or seemingly taking themselves too seriously.

As fans see if this loosie belongs someplace bigger, The Internet last released Ego Death in 2015. Martians dropped The Drum Chord Theory last year, Steve Lacy released his Demo, and Syd shared Fin.

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Photograph by AlanTheG.

#BonusBeat: The Internet’s Patrick Paige II recently released double-video “Change My Mind” b/w “Charge It To The Game,” featuring Syd and Kari Faux:

This belongs to his Letters of Irrelevance (May 18).