Kevin Hart Feels The Full Sting Of His Infidelity In J. Cole’s Powerful New Video

J. Cole season is in full force. Starting with Friday’s (April 20) release of KOD, the Dreamville MC/producer followed with a video for “ATM” that paid with rich symbolism. Now, just a handful of days since his fifth solo album released, Cole releases his second visual from KOD.

“Kevin’s Heart” is a track that deals with infidelity, whether that applies to sobriety or committed romantic relationships. Its title is no coincidence. Superstar Kevin Kart admitted his mistakes in committing adultery and getting caught, publicly. As fans wondered how the Philadelphia comedian might feel about Cole’s song title and lyrical lesson on KOD, Hart gives his answer—he supports it. The actor, stand-up comedian, and author plays the main character in Cole’s “Kevin’s Heart” visual.

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Directed by the North Carolina rapper and Scott Lazer, the video, which plays out like a movie, starts with Hart shopping at a grocery store but doesn’t seem welcomed by fellow shoppers. By the time the actor/comedian is checking out, everyone grinds to a halt and just stares at him. There is a J. Cole cameo in the store as well. It’s a theme that follows him throughout the video, which ends with KH back at his mansion and the words “Choose Wisely” (a motif throughout KOD) written in the sky as the camera pans away.

The video plays into some feelings Kevin Hart admitted in December. That was when he opened up to The Breakfast Club about his marital transgressions. “[My infidelity was] beyond irresponsible, okay?” Hart said while wearing a hoodie has that very word “irresponsible” printed on it. “Now there’s no way around it. The best way to do it is to just address it, right-on. You gotta just [call] it exactly what it is: that is Kevin Hart at his dumbest moment. That’s not the finest hour of my life. But that being said, you make your bed [and] you lay in it. So you can’t even say ‘what were you thinking?’ because you weren’t thinking…you don’t plan to f*ck up. You f*ck up and then go, ‘Oh sh*t. I f*cked up.’”

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The entertainer described his current aftermath. “It’s a cold house! It’s a very cold house for a minute! And rightfully so…there’s good days and there’s bad days. Take your f*ckin’ humble pie and eat it. But here’s the difference though: [there is] a difference between f*cking up and trying to recover from your f*ck-up because you realize what you almost lost. See, that’s the real difference here.” In that conversation, Kevin also spoke about his DUI charges.