J. Period’s New Mix Blends Verses From OutKast With The Sounds Of Wakanda (Audio)

J. Period has made some of the best, most conceptual, and musically-moving mixtapes of the last 15 years. That gift has led the New York City-based California native to work up close and personal with Black Thought, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nas, Q-Tip, and others.

Having now earned a #1 album thanks to the Hamilton Mixtape (Nas, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Common), J. Period returns to tapes. After last year’s OutKast Re:Fixed remix project, J. Period stays in the canon of André 3000 and Big Boi. This time, the mixmaster applies the music from one of the best groups (in any genre) to a land inspired by Black Panther. Even before pressing play on this standout, sincere mix WakandaForeverEver is a concept that invites the Panther to the Dungeon of possibility for an epic audio journey.

J. Period Releases A Mix Of Mashups & Classics Celebrating 23 Years Of OutKast (Audio)

According to J, “[This mix] takes listeners on an exclusive journey into the secret forests between Wakanda and Stankonia, sampling the Black Panther score and soundtrack to create exclusive new Outkast remixes that explore the roots of Hip-Hop in the African drum, themes of empowerment and identity, and the musical intersections between the Afro-futuristic world of Black Panther and intergalactic Funk of OutKast.”

The 45-minute-mix takes Period’s vision to the fullest possibility, pulling from deep in the film’s sounds and style, as well as ‘Kast’s catalog. Also included, at just the right times, are interview quotes from Black Panther director Ryan Coogler, a Tupac Shakur pop in, and so many other tangible pieces of inspiration. Previously, Big Boi showed his affinity for Black Panther, buying private screenings for hospice patients and their families outside of Atlanta.

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WakandaForeverEver (available for download at JPeriod.com) has the following tracklist:

1. Wakandan Airlines [Sky High] [J.PERIOD Remix]
2. Seasons Change b/w Afro-Future [J.PERIOD Remix]
3. Wakanda vs. Babylon [J.PERIOD Remix]
4. T’Challa vs. Killmonger [Elevation Anthem] [J.PERIOD Remix]
5. T’Rosa Parks [J.PERIOD Remix]
6. Royal Panther b/w Wakandan Belle [J.PERIOD Remix]
7. All Hail The Dora Milaje [Interlude]
8. Wakandan Church Cookout [J.PERIOD Remix]
9. Storytellin’ [J.PERIOD “Fela-bration” Remix] feat. Daniel Crawford
10. WakandATLiens [J.PERIOD Remix]
11. Jabariland Outkasts [Outro] [J.PERIOD Remix]
12. Bombs Over Wakanda [Reprise] [J.PERIOD Remix]
13. Bonus: T’Challa in ATL [J.PERIOD Remix]

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Downloaders will receive a bonus track in their file-bundle with Sterling K. Brown’s N’Jobu telling the origin story of Hip-Hop.