Jay Lonzo Raps Out His Dream While In The Studio With Marco Polo (Video)

Throughout history, Brooklyn, New York has birthed some of Hip-Hop’s most enduring voices. Crown Heights native Jay Lonzo aims to be the next MC to put it down for his borough, and take the originality, swagger, and skill of his area across the globe.

In recent years, Lonzo has consistently dropped singles and freestyles. This month, Jay released his debut album, It Takes A Village. The IV League Ent. project is consists of 12 tracks, which are laid out as an anthology of stories based on his years in high-school. The songs are also influenced by subjects such as his father’s recovery from alcoholism and his mother being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jay also expresses his feelings about his complex relationship with his older brother, as well as his internal struggles with religion.

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Lonzo’s “Dream World” video features Soul sample production from Marco Polo that complements Jay’s verse perfect. The track carries a vibe, not unlike Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day,” as Jay speaks about how his time on earth is going. Even amidst the warm Soul sounds, the listener may think something may go wrong in the story. However, Jay is expressing to the audience that everything on this particular day is going according to plan. It is easy to think he’s living in a dream world, but his dream is real.

Directed by Ezru Gonzalez, Marco, and Jay the visual starts with the Double Barrel producer working on his drum machine and then a mesmerizing melody hits your ears followed by a sultry drum kick. While Marco is in his studio working on the beat, you see Jay examining the shelves of wax and spitting on the balcony, overlooking the city. The video gives the audience a clear look at Jay Lonzo’s daily life and what is next to come.