Kanye West Is Writing A Philosophy Book On Twitter. So Far, It’s Insightful

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Kanye West has pushed the boundaries of what is expected from a musician, and he continues to do so. While fans are always eager to hear any new music from the superstar, his interviews and tweets are often just as anticipated. So, when he returned to Twitter last week after an 11-month hiatus, fans took note. He started with a couple of pics but then transitioned to short bursts of his philosophy (or what have come be known as Kanye-isms).

Within a couple days of being back on social media, West had shared a multitude of seemingly random meditations on time, perspective, and art. Then, yesterday morning (April 18) he announced these reflections would be collected and organized into a new book. Here are his exact words: “oh by the way this is my book that I’m writing in real time. No publisher or publicist will tell me what to put where or how many pages to write. This is not a financial opportunity this is an innate need to be expressive.”

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West had already revealed that he was writing a philosophy book titled Break The Simulation, but how he is composing this new tome brings him back to doing what he does best—speaking his mind, sometimes without filter. It is clear from what he has shared so far that he feels a responsibility to people that goes beyond providing them with quality art. He seems to want to help people free themselves mentally. His insights on how social conventions and the capitalist system tend to control human action are poignant. This is not Kanye simply tweeting for the reaction.

Kanye has co-written three books but Break the Simulation will be his first with no collaborator. He did pen a book with a similar premise in 2009 titled Thank You And You’re Welcome, which was co-authored with J. Sakiya Sandifer, but distributing his new musings via Twitter changes the nature of the beast. His other two books, Through The Wire: Lyrics & Illuminations (2009) with illustrator/animator Bill Plympton and Glow In The Dark (2009) with Aussie photographer Nabil Elderkin, are largely visual.

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Below are his announcement tweets, as well as some excerpts from Break The Simulation:

His most recent tweet (as of the writing of this article) continues his above train of thought concerning “borrowing” ideas:

Kanye also reportedly played his upcoming album for Charlamagne Tha God. TMZ reports that Kanye said “he heard some sh*t,” as other sources close to West suggest that an interview is coming soon.