Kool Keith Dedicates A New Song To His Former Wife Who Recently Passed Away (Audio)

Kool Keith’s quirkier sides are well-documented, especially on the heels of a new Dr. Octagon album. However, the decorated veteran MC can also let his guard down and make some pretty reflective Rap. It’s what he’s doing on his latest song, paying tribute to his ex-wife and youngest kid’s mother who was killed in a car accident this month (according to Keith’s management). In his new song “Star Power,” the Ultramagnetic MC provides a somber backdrop to a song dedicated to Nancy Desrosiers and metaphorically alludes to his relationship all the while.

Come look at the real star’s eyes / I’m bringing it up a level to a suit and tie / Your lady watching the moon in the sky,” he raps over a beat built on smooth, ’70s-style Jazz.

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Previously, Kool Keith dedicated another song to Nancy while she was alive. On the 2004 album Diesel Truckers, who he recorded with Kutmaster Kurt, Keith included the track “I Love You Nancy,” an ode to his then-spouse.

Recently, Kool Keith dropped music with Dr. Octagon moniker, alongside Dan The Automator and DJ QBert. Last month, they dropped Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation.