M.O.P.’s Lil Fame Releases His First Solo Video & Billy Danze Is Still By His Side

Lil Fame and Billy Danze have endured many eras of Hip-Hop while consistently giving audiences that hardcore Rap that they entered with during the mid-1990s. While the Mash Out Possé has made songs that brought Brownsville Brooklyn attitudes and antics into the mainstream, the two artists have never done solo albums, until now.

More than 25 years into their discography, “Fizzy Womack” and the “Danzini” will finally each give us their own body of work. For Fame, he is set to drop the highly anticipated Walk Of Fame in mid-2018. However, today we’re sharing Fizzy Wo’s brand new video for his concrete certified single, “Say Nothin’.”

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Although he’s a prolific producer, this Planet Brooklyn pioneer lets I-Fresh handle the beat on this one. Regardless, it sounds like what Heads would expect from M.O.P. with its deep bassline and clockwork hi-hats. For the visuals, Fame keeps it in the ‘Ville, rapping in alleys, stairwells, and on fire escapes. This includes cameos from Danze, Havoc, and Pharoahe Monch.

#BonusBeat Billy Danze has a solo single of his own, “Halle Berry”:

This is produced by G-Whiz.