With A Clear & Open Mind, Deniro Farrar Aims To Elevate (Video)

The pursuit of self-realization, with an open mind at the forefront, often leads to an abundance of mental liberation. With nearly a decade of releases to his lyrical resume, Charlotte, North Carolina MC, Deniro Farrar, who is the self-proclaimed conductor of “Cult Rap,” has confidently arrived to that arena of cognizance. As evidenced in both the verbal substance and playful visuals in his single “Open Minded,” from his most recent EP Mind Of A Gemini II, Deniro is readily comfortable sharing his personal evolution and the insights acquired along the way.

An accessible and inviting video concept, “Open Minded” is shot entirely on iPhone, and chronicles a relatable experience of Deniro and his companions simply enjoying a childlike day inside an amusement park (Six Flags). Where Deniro converts into such an endearing entity though is in his ability to seamlessly merge the lighthearted nature of the video, with his smooth inflection, and the profound significance of his lyrics. Off the jump, Farrar solidifies that acumen he’s offering, announcing “Come get a slice of elevation pie / Let it get you high / Energy never lie.”

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Crediting his spiritual and philosophical influence to a powerful combo of the legendary Chinese visionary Sun Tzu, Political and Civil Rights activist Angela Davis, and Rap luminary Tupac Shakur, Deniro’s desire for enlightenment has always been robust, but as his music career unfolds, his matured consciousness has accelerated his lyrical output to both a sincere and persuasive pinnacle. Slightly altering the words, but certainly embodying the all-powerful spirit of Pac, Deniro honors one of Rap’s greatest in “Open Minded,” reiterating Tupac’s sentiments from the All Eyez On Me track “No More Pain,” conveying “I don’t fear death no more, just reincarnation / Heart of a soldier / With the brain to teach a nation.

Seemingly at the most self-assured and earnest stage of his journey to this point, Deniro concludes “Open Mind” by expressing “I can stand here today and say I’m happy being me / If I had to meet myself, I’d be one to meet.” A fulfilling place for any individual to arrive at, Deniro reminds us in this song that proceeding with an open mind creates a limitless existence for one’s self. As another influence of Deniro, André 3000, once preached on Aquemini, “Now that’s liberation, and baby I want it.” “Open Mind” is affirmation that Deniro Farrar has found it, and is keen to disperse it to anyone prepared to listen.

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