Michael Millions & His Virginia Crew Rework D’Angelo In A Way That Burns (Video)

Hip-Hop fans may be familiar with Nickelus F. He was an early Drake collaborator, he had a memorable BET “Freestyle Friday” run, and he has been a devoted representative of Richmond, Virginia. However, unless heads are familiar with Nickelus’ albums, they may not be up on his crew, AGM (Associated Great Minds). The squad consists of rappers Nick, Radio B, Michael Millions, producer Namebrand, and videographer Monsee.

Millions is far from a rookie. The MC, co-signed by Skillz and Fly Anakin, released his debut EP, Ashes And Samples, in 2010. Michael just released the video for his latest single, “Blacksugar.” The Hard To Be King cut features Nickelus on the syrupy hook and Fly Anakin busting off the first barrage of bars. As the song title may suggest, the cut is a flip of D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar,” and it utilizes the best parts of the organ and ad-libs from that 1995 classic. D’Angelo, of course, stands as one of Richmond’s most famous musical exports.

The “Blacksugar” visual is directed by street artist Nils Westergard. RVA residents may be familiar with his massive gray-scale portrait murals, the latest of which captured Millions himself. In the video, Fly and Michael rhyme in a burning field. This footage is interspersed with the two blowing trees in a cloud of haze smoke. Nickelus does not appear.

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