A.G.’s Next Album Will Have Magic From Alchemist & Diamond D. Here’s The New Video.

Last June, when JAY-Z accepted his place as the first Hip-Hop artist to enter the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, he thanked the peers that inspire him by name, online. One of the acts Jay saluted was Showbiz & A.G. While Show has focused solely on production (and running D.I.T.C. Entertainment), Andre The Giant has stayed in the Rap ring. The Bronx pair were briefly label-mates of Jay’s at Payday Records in the ’90s, and their crews (Roc-A-Fella and Diggin’) did some work together.

Apart from his collaborative works, A.G. has carved out a separate solo career. He was one of the NYC veterans that worked with J Dilla late in the legend’s life and also made celebrated tracks with Madlib and Jake One as well. This week, ‘Dre announced his latest solo venture, The Taste of AMBrosia (June 22). A.G. released two videos: for “Magical World,” and a lyric piece for “Night Of Fire.”

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It portrays a lot of the struggles ghetto dwellers face, especially people of color: “When the cops are the killers, all you see is smoke and mirrors,” he raps on the track. “Teachers don’t teach us some turn into gorillas / Jungle life safari, every day’s a party / Where the kids are so militant they build their own army.” In a video he directs, the decorated 25-plus-year-MC raps his bars while complementary action plays out.

The Taste Of AMBrosia, which honors the MC’s initials as well as the food of the gods, features involvement from D.I.T.C. crew-mate Diamond D (beats and rhymes), as well as Alchemist. A.G. provided AFH with the album’s artwork and tracklisting:

Showbiz & A.G. Plan Their First Album In 5 Years. Soul Clap To The Single. (Audio)

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.

#BonusBeat: The lyric video for “Night Of Fire”:

This just-released video features found footage.