Finding The GOAT Group: Cypress Hill vs. Das EFX. Who Is Better?

“Finding the GOAT Group,” the fourth installment of Ambrosia For Heads’s annual battle series features Hip-Hop’s greatest collectives vying for the #1 spot. Sixty-two groups have been pre-selected by a panel of experts, and one slot will be reserved for a wild-card entry, including the possibility for write-in candidates, to ensure no deserving band of MCs and DJs is neglected.  The 2018 contest consists of seven rounds, NCAA basketball-tournament style, leading to a Top 32, then the Sweet 16 and so on, until one winner is determined. For each battle, two groups are pitted against one another with a ballot to decide which one advances to the next round. Though there will be an enormous amount of debate in comments, on social media, in barbershops and text messages, which we encourage, only votes cast in the official ballot or those using the official hashtags on social media count.

This next battle is between a some “Latin Lingo” O.G.’s and purveyors of the stutter-step, stiggety-styles of Rap. Cypress Hill battles Das EFX, two crews that share ties to Ice Cube’s “Check Yo Self” hit. These squads popped up around the same time in the early ’90s, and both managed crossover appeal. In 2018, both collectives are still together, on the road and in the booth. However, only one squad goes forth in this tournament. Your vote may be the one that decides which.

Cypress Hill

South Gate, California’s Cypress Hill formed in 1988 and released their acclaimed self-titled debut in 1991. The group, eventually comprised of DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, high-pitched front-man B-Real, and later, percussionist Eric Bobo, blended a hybrid of Funk, Rock, and Hip-Hop straight out the gate, combining Beastie Boys-rooted routines with Latino attitude. Undoubtedly, Cypress Hill’s style and influence are throughout today’s music. The group’s 1993 sophomore album, Black Sunday, topped the charts, also prompting the first of three Grammy nominations. With four platinum (two multi) and one gold album under their belt, these four are kings of the Hill. The first album in nearly a decade, Elephants on Acid, is due out later this year, adding to 30 years of smoke-filled Funk.


Comprised of MCs Dray (fka Krazy Drayz) and Skoob, Brooklyn, New York’s Das EFX are some of the ’90s cadence pioneers in Hip-Hop, thanks to their riggity-Rap styles. Discovered by EPMD during a Virginia State University concert, the Hit-Squad-affiliated duo went on to release their debut album Dead Serious in 1992 to much fanfare and an eventual platinum plaque. Produced by Solid Scheme, EFX had a special sound of hard drums and groovy samples. Although the vocal trends in Hip-Hop changed, Das EFX had a stronghold throughout the 1990s, releasing four strong commercial efforts through 1998’s Generation EFX. Skoob and Dray continue to perform and record (see: 2015’s Old School Throwback) The duo’s stream of consciousness lyrical style and rugged hardcore delivery has been a trademark that has stood the test of time.

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