DJ Jazzy Jeff Is Releasing The Magnificent 3 & He’s Finally Free To Do It His Way (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff is still heavily involved in music, but these days it’s in a different capacity. Jeff’s newest project is providing the sounds for The Trinity – a collective of Rhymefest, Dayne Jordan and Uhmeer. The group has a new album coming out under Jeff’s imprint, M3, and the first of what’s to come from them was presented on-stage recently at Toronto, Ontario’s Koerner Hall.

Performing “M3… The Outro” the group traded bars of wisdom about getting older and the struggles the still face. For Jeff, it’s an opportunity to pursue a fresh start, and according to him, he taking it in stride.

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“In 2002 I came out with The Magnificent…2007 I came out with The Return Of The Magnificent…It took me 11 years to come out with this album M3,” he said of his new project on Twitter. “Wanna know why??? I was waiting for the music business to catch up!!! May 8! #M3FinallyFree.”

M3 The Album currently eyes a May 8 release date, according to the legendary turntablist and producer. Also recently, Jazzy Jeff spoke about the ills of the music industry, streaming in particular. “Understand what I’m saying..Record labels have put out records on artists that sold over a million copies but when you make 12¢ per record and have to pay back your $400,000 advance at 12¢..they make around $8,000,000 and you get a platinum plaque and no check,” he tweeted. “#M3FinallyFree.”