Jay Rock Put TDE On His Back. Now, They’ve Got His For The Win (Video)

After a strong start to the year with his highest-charting single to date (“King’s Dead” from the Black Panther soundtrack), Jay Rock is back with another check mark in the “W” column. For those following the movement, Jay is the cornerstone on which the success of TDE was built. So, it’s only right that his Black Hippy comrade Kendrick Lamar plays hype-man (as he was in the late 2000s) for the Dave Meyers & The Little Homies-directed video for “Win.” This cut is the latest single off of his upcoming third studio album, Redemption (June 15), and features the Watts MC telling competition to clear the lane.

This video is packed with evocative imagery that recalls action blockbusters, as well as classic football flicks like Friday Night Lights. The straightforward beat here leaves Eastside Johnny plenty of room to get loose. He raps with an assured flow while everything around him is blowing up in slow mo’ in the majority of the footage.

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While it might sound like typical bragging, it’s merely stating facts when J.R. kicks: “I ain’t chasing after no b*tch / I got bigger plans than staying rich / I been tapped in since I was six / I tap dance all on a brick / And your diamonds like tap water / That sh*t way too foggy / These VVS’s way awesome / Parked CLS for baby mama / Drop to your death without warnin’.

Just before the end of the vid, a bunch more of the Top Dawg camp make cameos including Ab-Soul, SZA, SiR, and Lance Skiiwalker. It’s unclear what Jay needs to redeem himself for, but fans are unlikely to complain about the energy the Watts O.G. is bringing in 2018.

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