Blueprint & Has-Lo Apply Hoop Dreams To The Full Court Press Of Life (Video)

Very few artists have the rare talent to do it all, especially well. But Blueprint is one such craftsman, who single-handedly pilots every component of his craft, and makes it look easy. Just ahead of his latest album release, Two-Headed Monster (May 22), the Columbus, Ohio MC/producer/singer shared a video for “Hoop Dreamin,” which of course, is produced, written, directed and edited by him.

Over an unorthodox beat, Printmatic hits on the odd notes, making for interesting composition on the profoundly insightful track. Flipping through the pages of The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams, the verses mirror the subject of social injustice that runs thick through history.

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When a song carries an impactful message, it’s wise to scale back the video and let the words do the heavy lifting. With the backdrop of a simply decorated apartment with a bookcase full of literature, Blueprint and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native MC/producer, Has-Lo, speak directly to the audience. Their demeanor fits the subject of the track, offering a serious take on a very real situation. “I was born a Black poet, not a day too soon / I wrote my first rhymes on the walls of my mother’s womb,” Print spits.

“[The song is] inspired by the classic documentary film, Hoop Dreams, which follows two kids from a rough part of Chicago who are trying to use basketball to make it out of their neighborhood. The focus of this song was to write about all many possible obstacles that people in those situations may see, show how the odds are stacked against them but that they also still dream about something bigger despite it,” Blueprint told Brooklyn Vegan, who premiered the video. “As a fan of Has-Lo’s visual style of rhyming, I’ve wanted to work with him for a while and this song was the perfect opportunity for us to make something special.

Blueprint, who is also known for pulling his weight as half of Soul Position with DJ/producer, RJD2, is truly a jack of all trades, handling every facet of his business. All housed under his label, Weightless Recordings, he delivers his art via music and books, while also hosting a podcast, Super Duty Tough Work with his Greenhouse comrade, Illogic.

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Print may make handling it all seem simple, but he’s fully aware of what he’s capable of.

Two-Headed Monster comes three years after his last full-length solo project, King No Crown. In addition to Has-Lo, the upcoming LP features Atmosphere’s Slug, Aceyalone, Mr. Lif, Wordsworth, and Supastition. He has announced a corresponding US tour with dates and venues. Previously, Blueprint released “Masterpiece” and the title track to the LP:

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