A.G.’s New Album Features Sounds By Alchemist, Lord Finesse & Diamond D. Listen Here (Audio)

A.G. may be best known for his classic material with partner Showbiz from the 1990s, but Heads who have not checked out his solo and collaborative catalog are missing out. The Bronx, New Yorker, and D.I.T.C. co-founder has done projects with O.C., Koss, Ray West, and others. Meanwhile, ‘Dre has been extremely active on Diggin’ compilations and some recent Show & A’ material.

After a strong effort from Showbiz & A.G. last year titled Take It Back, Andre The Giant is back with a solo to heat up 2018’s dog days. With The Taste of AMBrosia, A.G. not only broadens his musical boundaries but seems more focused than ever lyrically. There is a wide variety of sounds on this album, from classic boom-bap on “Fort Apache” and “The Bronx,” to the almost World music flavor of “Losing My Mind,” to the jazzy intro “Night Of Fire” which starts with a poem in French by President Ella. With guests on nearly every song, it’s clear ‘Dre is an ardent believer in showing love to new artists. Additionally, Brooklyn veteran and Polo prince Thirstin Howl III also appears with a dazzling feature shot. In addition to being available for purchase, the independent LP is available for full stream:


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While new names like The Last Genius, K-Boogie, and Crystal Fab definitely bring some dope beats to the table, “Magical World” produced by Lord Finesse, “Everything Is Backward” produced by Alchemist, and “What You Talkin’ Bout” produced by (and featuring a verse from) Diamond D show why these gentlemen are considered some of the top boards-men of all time. And even though A Bless, Bugz, and the aforementioned Priest all drop heat on the mic, D.I.T.C.’s sniper holds court. He drops knowledge, flips concepts, and just generally demonstrates his lyrical fitness on this LP.

#BonusBeat: In related Diggin’ news, Diamond D released his artwork for his Diam Piece 2 album. It will feature Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Xzibit, Twista, Styles P, Fat Joe, Talib Kweli, A-F-R-O, Pharoahe Monch, Grand Puba, Boot Camp Clik, O.C., and many others: