Big Daddy Kane Freestyles Raw, Uncut & With A Chip On His Legendary Shoulders (Video)

This Wednesday (June 20), Big Daddy Kane is performing a free concert in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. The living legend of the microphone is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut album, Long Live The Kane. In an era when records are shorter and appear to be more concentrated, Kane’s gold-certified 10-track, 46-minute LP is a stamp of excellence. Moreover, with his plans to hit the stage, Kane is making his latest reunion with longtime friend, DJ, and producer Mister Cee. Back on the 1988 Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. Records, there was “Mister Cee’s Master Plan.”

The MC and DJ were recent guests on Funkmaster Flex’s show. In addition to revealing a 1988 Brooklyn mixtape that includes the earliest JAY-Z and Big Daddy Kane collaboration (which Heads can now hear), the MC freestyled in a separate, just-released segment. Appropriately, Cee (who had a massive hand in Biggie Smalls’ discovery and development) gets on the wheels of steel.

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Before getting to the business, Kane describes the chemistry he and Cee haveā€”even five years removed from performing together. In the freestyle, he raises his hand, signaling the DJ to drop out the beat. Kane spits: “I should mumble my raps, this is what they’d probably tell me / So I’d be trapped in the closet, like Robert Kelly / You ain’t a Makavelli, you a mock-a-velli / And I should put it in your f*ckin’ mouth, like Akinyele / You ain’t seen nobody this cool since Fonzarelli / ‘Cause I’m the sh*t, my ni**a, no, you gotta smell me!

Earlier in the freestyle, Kane declares: “And you know there’s always some A-hole / That likes to look at us and say ‘but they old / He ain’t pullin’ numbers like Jay sold’ / But I’m tryin’ to reach the KOD, J. Cole / Check how they fold when they check the payroll / See what B-D-K hold.

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At the end of his bars, Kane takes off his headphones, pushes out his chair with his feet, and knows that he’s still settin’ ’em straight, 30 years after ’88.

Kane is slated to perform in Coney Island on Wednesday at 7 pm.