DJ Muggs & DOOM Tease Their Upcoming EP With A Banger Featuring Freddie Gibbs (Audio)

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When it comes to collaboration tracks and albums with artists, there is a high percentage rate that Heads will get a quality product when DJ Muggs, MF DOOM, or Freddie Gibbs are involved in the effort. The stakes have been raised even more for a hardcore rapper’s delight as these three Rap luminaries bring out the best from each other on a new tracktitled “Death Wish.”.

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For just over three minutes, the ominous beat and lyrics on “Death Wish” showcase Muggs’ trademark  reverberating low-end bass thumps and eerie yet orchestral string sample loops, the vintage dark-horse grit and twisted humor in DOOM’s signature monotone delivery, and Gibbs’ staccato-layered gangsta rap bars.

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DOOM sets off the track with “Wrote this rhyme straight across/Clowns y’all take a loss/If they jealous behind his back they ever say he’s soft/Spin back around quick, confront ’em and they play it off/young and the world is full of it/Forge ahead, stay the course/At the bar, who’s buying?/Been in the game so long, he can tell when dudes’ lying.”

Gibbs then comes in with lyrics of fury with lyrics such as, “My bottom line and my revenue, that’s the only thing that ever resonates/Larry Fishburne, Deep Cover, h*e just sit down and watch a n***a medicate/How the f**k is is rehabilitation when you crossing youngins to the pearly gates?”

The “Death Wish” track comes on the heels of Gibbs’ fifth album Freddie which was released Friday (June 22). The legendary Cypress Hill DJ/producer and DOOM’s Assassination Day will be a two-track EP slated for release on August 3 via Soul Assassin Records. Also earlier this month, Muggs released his second collaboration project Frozen Angels EP with Mayhem Lauren.