Hip-Hop Steps Up In A Big Way At A Time When DJ Spinna Needs Our Help

On June 11 one of the most respected DJ/producers in modern music, Vincent Williams aka DJ Spinna sustained a ruptured appendix and had to have emergency surgery. His friend Moe Choi started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for his soaring medical expenses and cover lost wages. The esteemed DJ, producer, and Jigmastas and Polyrhythm Addicts co-founder has had to cancel all upcoming gigs, as well as decline shows for the foreseeable future, as recovery can be “long and difficult.”

The GoFundMe goal was set at $60,000. Amazingly, this total was achieved and, in fact, surpassed within two days time. As of the publishing of this article, $65,298 had been raised. Over 1,400 fans, friends, and fellow artists have already generously come to the aid of this beloved beat-smith and his family. The funds go directly to Spinna’s wife, Keita Williams.

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What is most impressive about this campaign was how many people donated $100 or more. A few backers even put $1,000 towards Williams’ recuperation. In a time when many households in the US are living check to check, it is awesome to see the music community be so supportive. Among those opening their wallets and hearts are popular names like DāM Funk and Mark Ronson, as well as entities like Babygrande Records (who released Polyrhythm’s Break Glass…) and Mello Music Group.

Throughout his career, Spinna has worked with Eminem, Little Brother, J-Live, Sadat X, and others.