Eligh, R.A. The Rugged Man & Eamon Chase The High Of Self-Love (Audio Premiere)

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Eligh is one of the busiest members of the ultra-prolific Living Legends crew. This MC/producer has released more than 20 solo and collaborative albums since 1996. After a hiatus from 2006-2009, the Los Angelino came back reinvigorated and with a new perspective—thanks in large part, to sobriety.

While he didn’t release a full project last year, he did have a solo in 2015 titled 80 HRTZ, and in 2016 he dropped a collab album, that mixed Indian music, and Hip-Hop, with Alam Khan and Salar Nader under the group name Grand Tapestry. Now, he is back to give the Gandalf faithful that distinct mix of honest lyrics and eclectic sounds that only he can concoct. Today (June 6) marks the premiere of his brand new single, “Still Chasing,” that features the lyrical wizard R.A. The Rugged Man and the ever-soulful Eamon. The track is off his upcoming self-produced album Last House On The Block, which hits June 15.

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Over a simple piano and occasional Dubstep synth, Eligh and R.A. kick verses that explore the high of a sexual orgasm. However, this isn’t your average song about being a player or having fun in bed. Instead, it is about self-gratification to try to attain that feeling of the first time—or chasing the dragon. While “Grey Crow” is a little more subtle in his delivery of the content, The Rugged Man does not shy away from sharing the gory details of his initial “self-discovery.” Quoting his bars would make this article automatically NSFW. Punctuating the MCs’ stanzas, is Eamon crooning a syrupy hook. In the day and age of short songs, “Still Chasing,” breaks convention by clocking in at over 5 minutes. Yet it holds the listener’s attention for the duration of the track.

“When I made this beat, I knew the subject matter would be on the twisted side, and it ended up that way,” Eligh tells AFH. “My verse is all about sex being the first drug I was enamored by, and how I relate it to my years of addiction. R.A. [The Rugged Man] is the one who took this song for a joy ride. His verse is hilariously uncomfortable, and doused with truth! Any man can relate to his verse, which I will leave to the listener to discover. Eamon ties the song up beautifully with his words ‘When I’m alone, I dream of you…‘”

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As a note, R.A. and A-F-R-O are currently on tour together:

#BonusBeat: Eligh further breaks down “Still Chasing” in a video series for fans:

Eligh photograph by Evan Doheny.