Phonte Starts His Day With Some Brutal Breakfast Bars (Video)

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At the top of the year, Phonte released his superb solo sophomore album, No News Is Good News. The record serves as a vignette of ‘Te’s 39-year-old life – a life shrouded in anxiety of mortality, a growing disconnect with significantly younger industry peers, and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. But most importantly, it proved Phonte still has what it takes to succeed in Hip-Hop, today and forever. Phonte had raps.

And those raps are probably best displayed on the album’s second track, “So Help Me God,” in which Phonte clears the air about his current head-space in Hip-Hop. Today, the MC/singer double-threat unveils an accompanying video for the track, directed by Chris Charles, and shot entirely in his house. Phonte raps as soon as he’s out of bed, entirely in a robe and a pair of Adidas slides, humbly delivering bar after bar throughout his home. “Y’all scorin’ a game that I don’t care about / ‘Cause if you ain’t droppin’ that cheap, weakened sh*t / Every week and sh*t then they wonder ’bout your whereabouts / I will clothesline a ni**a and air it out / ‘Cause time is precious and my peace of mind is paramount.

Last week, Phonte and producer Nicolay, best known together as The Foreign Exchange, dropped a new track called “June.” It seems like Phonte is back in full effect this 2018—as if he ever went away.

Phonte Has Made An Elite Album For The 99% Of Grown Hip-Hop Fans

“So Help Me God” is among three selections from No News Is Good News included on the official, regularly-updated Ambrosia For Heads playlist.