Vic Mensa Reminds Why He’s One Of The Best Freestylers Of His Generation (Video)

Almost a year after Vic Mensa dropped his well-received debut album, The Autobiography (included in Ambrosia For Heads’ Best-of ’17 list), he is still putting in work like he was an unsigned MC. Then, at the top of June, he released the lead single from his sophomore called “Reverse,” and featuring G-Eazy. The Pop sensibilities of the track seem to reflect that Vic is after a broader audience, years after his post in band, Kids These Days. His content is a little more focused on jet-setting and being fashion-forward than the first time around.

To get the promotion machine warmed up, Mensa stopped by the LA Leakers’ Lift Off radio show to drop a monstrous freestyle. He showed up in a white tee with Chanel suspenders and was ready to go pronto. He announces that he produced the beat that is playing, which is driven by machine gun hi-hats and a vocal sample courtesy of En Vogue’s Organized Noize-produced 1997 smash, “Don’t Let Go (Love).”

 Vic Mensa Says His Freestyle Has No Shots At Joe Budden. You Be The Judge (Audio)

The veins on his forehead bulge as this Windy City MC/singer delivers his freestyle bars. He gets so wrapped up in the moment that he starts to almost dance in his seat. At the pinnacle of the lyrical display he spits: “I made my foundation, laid the blueprint / A lot ni**as made moves, Vic made a movement / Fertilize my green, I mean I came from the bullsh*t / Triple-beam in the wall, I was trying to make home improvements / But if ni**as wanna get ratchet, I’m ‘Tim the Tool Man’ / Give you a lead belly like a lick from a Blues-man / My hitters pull up on the crime scene like a news van.

Both DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible show that they are deeply impressed by their guest.