Brockhampton Is Making Major Moves. They Blend Old Styles With New Methods (Video)

Lately, Brockhampton has been defying their conventional methods of releasing music. As opposed to collecting up their songs and releasing them at once, the versatile Los Angeles, California-based Hip-Hop collective is tuning up to release their new album, The Best Years Of Our Lives, but have been leaking a bunch of songs and sneak peaks ahead of their next big drop.

Previously, the group originally from San Marcos, Texas debuted their new track “Tonya” on The Tonight Show, and then dropped a visual for another track called “1999 WILDFIRE.” They also released three albums in 2017 (see: Saturation I, Saturation II, and Saturation III), giving new listeners plenty of worthy music to digest.

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Their most recent release though arrives this week. Accompanied by a Kevin Abstract-directed video, “1998 TRUMAN” is not as lyrically deep as their previous releases, but it is a good example of the group’s left-field nature and plays out as a posse cut, similar to Odd Future’s “Oldie” or Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck.”

The visual, while abstract, does reveal group members waxing their proving grounds. Deep-seeded notions that their crazy visions or adolescent antics would provide peril rather than breed the creativity necessary to spring them to the success they’re currently experiencing is very-much touted in this one.

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What’s with these superficial people from my past?” Joba raps in opening the track’s first verse. “Dancin’ ’round the fact that I did everything the motherf*ckers bet against / They be like, ‘Gather ’round, place your bets! / This young man won’t ever be sh*t’ / Well my bad, I guess I just pursued this sh*t / While you chose to settle down to have some kids / I mean, it’s okay to fall in line, just don’t look back / That’s a long-ass line that I’m not in.” It’s a sentiment Matt Champion also reiterates in his verse. “When you were calling, they said I’ll be nothing,” he raps. “Well, suck on my d*ck and then lick on my balls / They try to pin me down, they try to bind me / And they try to kill me, like Anna Nicole.

It’s unclear as to when The Best Years Of Our Lives will be released. It’s speculated that the years within the song titles may have to do with the sequencing of the project. It also may mean that “1998 TRUMAN” is off of that forthcoming LP. In March of this year, Brockhampton announced they signed a deal with RCA Records with TBYOL being their official album debut. Billboard reported that deal to be in the eight figures.