Jay Electronica Serenades Erykah Badu With Drake…Erykah Is Not Amused (Video)

While a plethora of rappers and MCs are in the midst of the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, recording themselves dancing to Drake’s Scorpion hit as his album remains at the top of the Billboard charts, Jay Electronica seems to be more interested in sharing his love for one of the Toronto superstar’s earlier hits.

While driving in his car with his former romantic partner and child’s mother, Erykah Badu, Jay took a video of him bumping Drizzy’s “Feel No Ways” and lip-syncing to the track. In the vid’, he periodically pans the camera toward Badu, who is visibly not enjoying the New Orleans, Louisiana MC/producer’s antics.

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Posted yesterday (July 23), the video brings back some nice memories of when the couple was together, but it seems that Erykah Badu still isn’t a fan of it. She commented on the post, jokingly, “Take this down. I been had a restraining order on this man. Me and @jayelectronica not even supposed to be in the same place,” to which Jay Elec replied, “Don’t make me come back out there.”

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The Roots’ Questlove even got into the mix and pressed the former couple on when their next musical releases would be coming out. “This is super cute y’all it really is, but I looked at my watch?……and uh it says here Erykah you owe about 3 lps and uh bro Electronica you should just make a career boxset and cover the 8 albums of genius we been waiting for….im just saying Signed, A Fan,” he wrote.

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Earlier this year, a video released to Talib Kweli and Jay Electronica’s “All Of Us.”