NoNameDisciple Is Out To Leave An Impression When She Grabs The Mic (Video)

In the last 20 years, once-underground acts like Braille, Pigeon John, and Grits started making Hip-Hop that dealt with faith and spirituality, without sounding preachy or dogmatic. Artists like Lecrae, Tedashii, and Trip Lee have found commercial success on new levels in recent years. United Kingdom MC, NoNameDisciple, is the evolution of this sound and may make further inroads to achieve commercial success with it.

If you do not listen carefully, you might never know N.N.D. is making her music for a Higher power. Her skills, slang, and style are reminiscent of a British Princess Nokia, but her content is of a different ilk. In fact, this young lady recently earned her degree in Theology. She also just impressed on a UK version of BET’s “Freestyle Friday” in May. So, that achievement, plus this video for “A Millennial’s Godfidence” should solidify her place among Britain’s next up.

Past Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Ready Or Not” Features

This epic visual clocks in at 5:42 and includes an intro beat and then two different soundscapes for her verses. She raps about her growth and pain, and calls out a society that values women for their ability to move their bodies and twerk, rather than their intelligence. And above all, she gives thanks and praise.

The video itself is also quite compelling. It’s filmed in a variety of common, everyday locations, but the addition of surgical and ski masks, colored smoke, and subtle effects make for something surreal and different. Jump in and experience it for yourself now.

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