Children Of Zeus Is The UK’s Latest Example Of Inspirational Soul (Video)

The United Kingdom is bustling with flavor right now. From the hardcore antics of CasIsDead to the commercial success of Skepta to the gourmet stylings of SonnyJim, to the buttery soul of Children Of Zeus, Great Britain is killing it in the music space. The Manchester duo of Tyler Daley and Konny Kon, better known as Children Of Zeus, have been grinding for ages…but not without something to show for it. They have already had the honor of appearing on many European critics’ year-end lists with their last release, The Story So Far... Regardless, most North American Heads haven’t caught on to the soothing sounds of C.O.Z. quite yet. However, with the release of their 2018 album, Travel Light, that is likely to change very soon.

With their latest full-length, Children Of Zeus feeds fans the video for the self-reliance anthem “All On You.” Deliberate keys, a neck-snapping snare, and a funky bassline are the recipe for this mellow banger. Tyler and guest [ K S R ] both lay down smooth vocals that combine seamlessly with the chill beat, while Manchester mic bully DRS plays clean-up hitter. All three artists let listeners know that the stars are the limits, but that it’s up to you to get there.

Past Ambrosia For Heads “Ready Or Not” Features

The high-quality visuals for “All On You” were shot and directed by Tarnish Vision. He manages to capture the camaraderie and hijinx of the local barbershop perfectly within this three and a half minute track. The video features Tyler giving cuts, DRS getting an edge up, and [ K S R ] spending most of the vid sweeping up. The message seems to be that real people have to do real jobs to get by.

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