Sleep Sinatra Is An MC From Nebraska That Heads Need To Stop Snoozing On (Video)

Lincoln, Nebraska is definitely not known for its Hip-Hop output, but that may soon change if lyricist Sleep Sinatra gets his way. The young MC wields words in a way that draws Heads in. He’s just as concerned with what he is saying, as how it sounds. Although he has been grinding for a couple years now and has worked with popular names like Stik Figa, L’Orange, and sadhugold, it wasn’t until 2017 that his name really started to buzz. In 2018, his stock has risen again with the release of two solid projects, XMXTHXST, and his latest, [D] A R K A N G E L. The latter is coming on physicals from the UK’s Gourmet Deluxxx Records.

Sleep just released the first visual from [D] A R K… and it is for an album highlight titled “Pancho In The Villa.” The Farmabeats-produced track consists of dueling guitar samples and a trippy vocal snippet…but no drums. And, yet, Sinatra kicks such a tight flow over the instrumental, you don’t even notice there is no percussion. He begins the song with: “I’m a thug, I’m an activist / I’m a rebel, I’m a catalyst / I’m a weapon, I’m a pacifist / I am a pugilist, I’m passionate / I refuse your labels while I’m crafting this / Catch me disengaged while I’m writing out these passages.” It is hard to front on that.

The video itself takes place at an abandoned intensive probation center. Sleep and director From the Woods apparently had to break into the run-down location to capture the eerie footage. The empty halls of the institute are reminiscent of a mental hospital or bygone school and are a perfect backdrop for S.S.’s conscious yet hardcore bars.

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