Moonlight’s Director Shares A Trailer To His Next Film, A James Baldwin Adaptation (Video)

In celebration of James Baldwin’s 94th birthday, Academy Award-winning film director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) revealed a glimpse of his next movie’s trailer. Jenkins shared his on-screen adaptation of Baldwin’s 1974 novel, If Beale Street Could Talk.

A follow-up to the Oscar-decorated Moonlight, the story follows couple “Tish” and “Fonny,” portrayed by newcomer KiKi Layne and Stephan James. The preview examines how a false rape accusation tries their relationship. While simultaneously carrying their child, “Tish” hunts for evidence to free “Fonny.” Accompanied by familiar faces like Regina King and Teyonah Parris, Jenkins is bringing the novel’s story, characters, and Baldwin style to life.

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The film will have its global premiere this Fall at the Toronto Film Festival and is set to release in US theaters November 20, 2018.